The traditional long-established tempura store where tells the taste of Edo’s common people.
Please drop by ‘Sansada’ after Asakusa sightseeing and visiting Kannon temple.

We would like to say thank you very much for everyone welcoming our 180 years since opening.
We appreciate your continued support as patronage.


History of Sansada

The foundation of Sansada was that of the Edo period in 1837.
For over 170 years since then, we inherit the oldest goodwill as tempura.
The first generation, Sadakichi, took over from Mikawa (present Aichi prefecture) on Tenpo's second year, seniors of the same village, later took a tempura stand in front of Ningyocho's home, Mikawaya Sadakichi, That is, it became Sansada.

Features of Edo front tempura

Tempune tempura is so-called Edo-mae tempura.
Tempura that SADAKICHI sold at a stand was said to have been popular with people of those days, coating with mixed ingredient on small fish etc. fried with sesame oil.

Today we also strive to have tempura with rich flavor of sesame oil. Edo-mae tempura using sesame oil has brown color in clothing. Tempura fried fresh material with our own sesame oil has a rich aroma and light chewiness.
Please enjoy it with radish and special specialties.

Greeting from owner

Thank you for seeing our website.
Sansada is the oldest tempura shop in Japan. While cherishing the tradition of Edo, we have kept in mind that we can respond to the needs of customers who move.

This is simply due to the Sansada's rule that the owner of the store must stand in the kitchen without fail.
Since our establishment in the Edo era, we have kept this owner's chef system on their behalf.
We only have a shop of Kaminarimono, so that shopkeepers will not take their eyes off the shop.

We will continue to protect the culture of Edo while treating our customers' opinions. Please continue your patronage.

Shop Owner
Kaoru Sanada

Sansada Hanjo-no zu


A print depicting Asakusa Sensoji area that makes the era decorated in a certain place in Sansada "Tokyo Sightseeing Kinryu-san Sensoji Temple”.
This print was printed in 1823, but in the back right is the Kannon temple in Asakusa, in front of the center, the guests entering and leaving Sansada are drawn.
Atmosphere of the time comes from clothing such as people going and going, carriage, rickshaw and others.
When you see it in the store, please take a closer look.

Wonder of Sansada's Short coat


Eggs are drawn in the crest on Sanada’s Short cort. Even though it is a tempura shop, why is it egg?
Actually, Sadakich who opened Sansada began his business from Mikawa to Edo, and initially started a business to wholly spread eggs to a tempura shop.
In the meantime, He learned how to fried tempura and opened the shop by himself.
It is one of spilling in history.