The traditional long-established tempura store where tells the taste of Edo’s common people.
Please drop by ‘Sansada’ after Asakusa sightseeing and visiting Kannon temple.

We would like to say thank you very much for everyone welcoming our 180 years since opening.
We appreciate your continued support as patronage.


  • February 14, 2018
    • Tokyo marathon will be held on February 25 (Sunday).
    • Please be careful as traffic regulations are done and it gets very crowded.
  • January 25, 2017
    • We inserted food pictures in our Thai and English menu.
  • We closed an annex in end of 2016. Thank you very much for your use.


We use sesame oil for our Tokyo - style tempura. Please enjoy the traditional taste from edo era.
You can be satisfied with the flavor the sesame oil and the light firmness surely.
There are our signature Kakiage Tempura menu, Large Kakiage, Medium Kamiage and Small Kakiage.


We provide regular, special and extra special Tendon for casual eating. If you love shrimp, we prefer our Shrimp Extra Special. Also, we have our specialty, Medium Kakidon.


We have a lot of course menus for various occasion (Asakusa sight seeing, year end party, new year party, memorial service, meeting date..etc) Also, we have number of rooms for small to large scale groups. Please call us for more information.

SET,BENTO and OthersSET,BENTO and Others

There are casual bento, limited set menu (20 a day), flower fried manju for desert.

All Menu ListsAll Menu Lists

Here are all menus and the charges. The price is tax included.

zashiki_MG_2399.jpgzashiki_MG_2399.jpgThere are main building of domestic style wooden structure, modern Japanese style new building, annex.
We are also used for banquets such as New Year's party and year-end party, group of sightseeing trips, business negotiations and so on. Because the shop is a comfortable atmosphere, please feel free to visit our families and one of our guests.

Asakusa sightseeing and Tokyo sky tree.


The sky tree view from AsakusaThe sky tree looks great from every direction, but the sunlight in the afternoon is beautiful from Asakusa district.



The Sumida-gawa cruise of Asakusa to Odaiba.
"Hotaruna" and "Himiko" are popular design water bus.
Copyright, Reiji Matsumoto Tokyo-to sightseeing steamship Corporation Toei cartoon film. (© 松本零士・東京都観光汽船(株)・東映アニメーション)

A main annual event in Asakusa

The year's first visit to the shrine
‘Setsubun' and ‘Harikuyou’
Dance of the golden dragon, Asakusa Kannon jigenkai
Buddha birthday
Sanja Festival
Mt. Fuji, Plant fair
‘Hoozukiichi (ground cherry fair and forty-six thousand days)’ , Sumida-gawa fireworks event
Asakusa samba carnival
the Autumnal Equinox Day (Buddhist services performed during the equinoctial week)
Edo Oomikoshi Taikai
Culture Day, the Tokyo Jidai Festival, Torinoichi
Toshinoichi (battledore fair), Temple bells of New Year's Eve (Mt. Benten)

Thank you very much for all your support and we could reach to our 180 years anniversary.
It was impossible to meet the 180 years without help and care of our great customers and our local community. We truly appreciate all of your kind and support.

Popular Top 3 Menu


1.Special Tendon 
2.Medium Kakidon
3.Seasonal Tempra Mix

Take Out


Hanaage Manju

In history, we are the first restaurant to start the Flower Fried Manju. There was a time which wasn't being sold temporarily, but people want encore, so we start selling it again.
For a take out for a home. (Manju is from Reiganjima Baikatei.)

Kakiage / Shrimp / Sillaginidae / Vegitable Tempra / Shrimp Rice Ball

There is an take out desk on the right side at the main building entrance facing Kaminarimon street. The rice-ball is popular for lunch and it’s limited number, so it's first come, first served. Kakiage and Shrimp tempura are also popular.



The history of Sansada dates back to the Edo era when Sadakichi came to Tokyo from Mikawa, presently Aichi, In 1837, Sadakichi established a restaurant in Tokyo.
This restaurant adopted the name “Sansada,” combining Sadakichi’s hometown and his name.
Sadakichi specialized in deep-frying small fishes with sesame oil and it soon became Sansada’s signature taste, Keeping up the tradition as one of the oldest tempura restaurants in Japan, Sansada has offered attractive dishes to many customers from all over the world.

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